The first 3 steps to being a trans ally:

1. Listen to & share the voices of trans people! There are SO many accounts on the internet including mine, where trans people are pouring free resources out there for you to learn from. SEEK THEM. Follow at least 5 new accounts this week to help you keep up to date with transgender issues & education. SHARE THEIR RESOURCES. Amplify our voices!

2. Cut out any slurs / comments, like the above, that are toxic & harmful to the transgender community. If unsure, do the appropriate learning!

3. PUT YOUR PRONOUNS IN YOUR BIO. We need to make asking for & giving pronouns common place, not just within the LGBTQ+ community but within all people. We can’t assume someone’s pronouns based on how we perceive their gender. The only way to know, is to ask their pronouns. Let’s make THIS the normal.

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