CONTENT WARNING ⚠️ following slides & below descriptions contain discussions of extreme violence, police brutality & death.

At least 350 transgender and gender-diverse people were murdered between the beginning of October 2019 and the end of September 2020.

This is a 6% increase from those who lost their lives in 2019.

Analysis shows that 98% of those murdered globally were trans women or transfeminine people. In addition, people of color made up 79% of trans people murdered in the United States during the timeframe they researched.

However, the numbers are not comprehensive, as it only includes incidents found online and those reported. Many cases of anti-trans murders aren’t known to the public because they are unreported or misreported, with many victims being deadnamed and misgendered. – @them

Today is Transgender Remembrance Day. A moment to pause, and reflect on all of the precious lives lost. I’ve added just a few of them to this post.

Allies: please take today to do some research & amplify the voices of trans people, more than ever.

Trans siblings: take a breath. Find a quiet space & have some time to yourself. Look after your mental health. This is often a hard day for our community, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. X


[image descriptions: thread of images of trans people who have been killed this year.]

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