We talk a lot about the struggles transgender people face day to day, but generally not enough about the BEAUTY & JOY that comes along with it too.

As a trans-masc person I’ve always struggled with unreliable feelings of euphoria, from extreme joy & happiness seeing my reflection, to complete unconnectedness.

But this was one of those beautiful moments of euphoria, just wearing my underwear. And it deserves celebrating!! Self-love, for a trans person in a world where we are continually taught we don’t belong, is goddam gorgeous. It is REVOLUTIONARY.

Seeing my reflection & connecting with it, is a new experience for me & one I’m continually grateful for. I WILL NOT STOP CELEBRATING IT


It’s an absolute pleasure to be working with Y.O.U Underwear to represent us trans folk, and to share my experiences of their underwear with you all. It’s honestly a shock how GOOD a new pair of pants can make u feel.

A LITTLE MORE ABOUT Y.O.U Underwear : They produce ethical, sustainable, comfortable fashion, as well as working on a ‘buy one, give two’ basis:

This means that every time you buy a pair, they donate two pairs of underwear to ‘Smalls for All’ (a charity that collects and distributes underwear to vulnerable women and children across Africa and the UK.) This is a hugely important initiative. All people deserve the access to clean & comfortable underwear.

Check out what they’re doing & support a great cause, a start-up & experience the EXTREME COMFORT of their underwear ALL AT ONCE !

Most importantly though !!!!! do something that’ll make you feel EUPHORIC or good. Treat yourself. Dress up in your favourite outfit & dance around in it. You deserve EUPHORIA xx

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