Recently I answered some questions for @bloodyhonest about my challenges as a transgender non-binary person experiencing periods in the world we live in today & i wanted to share my answers with you all, as I think this is a super important conversation to have. WE MUST START TO INCLUDE TRANS, GNC & ENBY PEOPLE IN OUR CONVERSATIONS ABOUT PERIODS.

read below / swipe for my responses !

Q: did you experience dysphoria in relation to your period?

A: Absolutely! As a transmasc individual I found it incredibly difficult having periods. Physically it made me uncomfortable, and emotionally it was exhausting.

Q: Do you have any advice for people who experience period related dysphoria?

A: 1 thing I found helped to relieve dysphoria:
Often wearing boxers with pads is pretty much a no go. So I would wear briefs, with my pad, and then another pair of boxers over the top. This way you’re still able to wear the boxers. If that is something that helps with euphoria, this is a good option!

Q: How do you feel about the period industry and its approach to gender neutrality?

A: The period industry is extremely exclusive of transgender men, in regards to packaging, product types & representation. All genders can experience periods! It’s time we are inclusive with our language & include trans / enby / GNC people in our conversations around periods. Any gender can menstruate !

Q: Do you have any advice for people who want to be as inclusive as possible in their language when discussing periods?

A: Swapping out gendered language is key in helping keep our discussions on periods inclusive. For example, swap out “Women have periods” for “people have periods”. catch yourself if you slip up, but most importantly change the way you think of menstruation.

Thanks for including me in this discussion @bloodyhonest

ALLIES: Keep learning keep sharing.



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