let’s chat about LUBE !

As a trans masc individual I find there is a huge lack of discussion & representation around using sex toys & lubricants amongst the transgender community.

I’m aware that this is often due to the personal nature of these conversations, and many trans people do not want to have them. (THATS TOTALLY FINE OFC)

I’m also aware though, that some of us do. Representation is crucial for us & our mental health, as well as for raising awareness amongst non trans people.


Since starting testosterone I’ve experienced atrophy (irritation, drying & thinning of the inner walls caused by the body producing less oestrogen). LUBE CHANGED THE GAME!

The Knude Society recently sent me Glide to try & it’s excellent! (100% natural water-based lubricant)

It combats all of the irritation & dryness and it doesn’t cause any further stinging which I’ve found other lubes can. also, IT’S SEXY AS HELL. 100% would recommend to a friend.

If you’d like to treat yourself, you can use my discount code AZKNUDE15 for 15% offHERE

WHAT LUBES DO YOU USE / FIND BEST FOR YOUR BODY? I’d be really interested to know.

let’s open the conversation!

[image descriptions: slide 1: Az taking a selfie in front of some plants, smiling and holding a bottle of @theknudesociety Glide lube. The words “LUBE UP” are typed over his chest. Slide 2: close up picture of the lube bottle in front of the same background, with the words “LUBE IS FOR ALL GENDERS” typed around the bottle.]

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