GENDER ≠ SEX. and neither are binary.

To recap: a persons SEX refers to a set of physical, biological features of the body, including sexual anatomy, hormone levels, chromosomes & genes. Sex is assigned at birth.

GENDER is a psychological and socially constructed set of identities, roles & behaviour. Gender identity refers to a persons “deeply held sense of their gender.” A persons gender may match the sex they were assigned at birth, otherwise known as cis gender. Transgender is an umbrella term for people whose gender identity does not match the sex they were assigned at birth.

While gender and sex are often categorised into male & female as the two distinct, exclusive categories, the reality is that both exist on a spectrum. Non-binary genders have existed across cultures for centuries, despite the common critique that being non-binary is a “fad”. Biological sex exists on a spectrum as well – there are many variations of sex characteristics which do not fit the standard definitions for male and female. People born with these variations, are intersex. About 1.7% of the population are born with intersex traits – comparable to the number of people with red hair (2%) – @mattxiv

The take away here is that gender & sex exist on a spectrum, and often somewhere outside the binary.

It’s up to only us, to decide where abouts that is.

Thanks for reading.
Love as always,
Az x

[image description: 2 of the same close-up picture of Az’s stomach & boxers, with “NOT ALL MEN HAVE PENISES” on the first image and “NOT ALL WOMEN HAVE VAGINAS” on the second image typed in white.]

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