kids are absolutely capable of knowing their gender identity. it’s up to us to listen to them.

society has done very little for trans youth, for many years. with the common assumption that kids are “too young” to know their gender identities, as well as lack of education & support in place for them & their peers, trans kids are at huge risk of mental health issues (such as depression, substance & alcohol abuse, suicidal thoughts and self harm).

very few children are allowed access to gender affirming hormone treatments. most healthcare services for trans kids are focused on the diagnosis of gender dysphoria and are meant to help predict whether a child’s dysphoria will persist or desist into adulthood. most are told to wait years, under the false pretence that “they are too young and will change their mind”.

in reality though, the vast majority of those who DO begin hormone treatments, do not change their minds.

(for the small percentage who do, this isn’t the horrible outcome that the conservative media outlets lead us to believe. sometimes ‘de-transitioning’ is a healthy part of a person’s psychological development.)

affirming a child in whatever way they express their gender is crucial for their mental health – including providing the correct gender affirming healthcare.

trans kids are not “too young” to know their gender identity.

trans kids are not going through a phase.

trans kids are not confused.


BELIEVE trans kids
LISTEN to them.
protect them & keep them safe.

#mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthawarenessweek

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