Az Franco, 24 (he/him), is a trans gender-queer artist, writer, model & activist from the UK.
Since graduating with a degree in Psychology from The University of Brighton in 2019, Az has given talks on intersectionality, gender identity, inclusivity & mental health. At the end of 2021 Az spoke with Freeda about his experiences as a trans masculine person, for their "Being Me" series.

Az is an experienced writer who has written for a number of major publications including Huffington Post & Feminist. Az is a weekly writer for Impact (September 2021-present) and regularly gives interviews for publications and magazines, most recently speaking with Injection Magazine (Oct 2022) about his online art and activism. 

He has experience in leading online workshops, having worked with For Them in June & September 2022 designing & facilitating a 7-day Discord Wellness Journey. 

He also writes and designs regular educational and affirmative infographic content for his social platforms to help support the wider LGBTQ+ community and educate on the importance of gender inclusivity.

Az is a professional model, having worked for established clients including Pride In London, Fujifilm, Getty Images, Coppafeel! & Noctis Magazine. In September 2021 he signed to Zebedee Talent Agency and has been working on a number of personal and professional jobs since including a photo series entitled ‘My Story’ with photographer Kristina Varaksina.

Az is an artist & illustrator. He dabbles in graphic design & multimedia art; drawing as his preferred medium. Through his work he seeks to expose the nuances of his trans-masculine experience, whilst maintaining a unique style.
Through art, Az explores all that encompasses his self, with honesty and individuality.  Az's signature and striking use of shape, texture, colour, and space seeks to intrigue the viewer and invite questions, all while telling a story of his past and present experiences.

Since a young age Az has relied on art as both a creative outlet and a coping mechanism. As a neurodivergent person living with multiple mental health illnesses, Az has always found creative processes necessary for his self-development and preservation.

Through his work, Az continues to understand more about himself and continues to feel more at home with what he creates. 

Making art is Az’s rawest passion. and this includes making music.

Az is a musician & artist who has spent the past 10 years writing and playing original music. Although nothing released recently, Az is working behind the scenes to keep this childhood dream alive.

Az has worked as a photographer, director and filmmaker with experience in editing. He creates short form TikTok & Reel content regularly for both his own social platforms and a number of major online publications (Impact: 2.5M) (Feminist: 6.5M).

Az runs an online store selling his art & activism on various t-shirts, prints and stickers at LTD times throughout the year. At the start of 2022 he worked with Philadelphia Printworks to create a benefit T-shirt for Trans Week of Visibility with 20% of proceeds going to PFLAG National which sold out.

Az has some exciting  announcements lined up for 2023. He is working on a number of projects both independently and professionally. He is excited to be working more closely within the fashion, film & TV industries over the coming months, including currently working towards directing his first short film.
Az has taken up the role as Contributing Editor for the first edition of the Feminist x WeTransfer Zine coming in LTD physical copies at the beginning of 2023 and available digitally at the end of 2022. Az is excited to be contributing part of his Being Me photo-series to the Zine, alongside some of the biggest Changemakers in the world. 

Az continues to fight for transgender rights and representation through the work he does. And to affirm others in their LGBTQ+ identities.

His goal: to break down the binary.
And help to build a safer and more inclusive society for LGBTQ+ people to thrive in.
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