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Az Franco (he/him) Trans genderqueer. 23. Brighton, UK.

My work is based around breaking down the binary, to help make the world a safer place for LGBTQ+ people to survive in.

I use my art & lived experiences to help affirm LGBTQ+ people in their identities, as well as help to educate cisgender /heterosexual allies on the importance of becoming gender inclusive.

Positive representation is crucial for the safety and future of trans people.

I didn’t see much of it growing up, and so I long to be a part of that missing representation, for future generations of LGBTQ+ people, through the work I do.

I use my online platforms @youcancallmeaz to affirm other LGBTQ+ people in their identities, through art & personal experience.

In my spare time I draw at every opportunity, write & play music and enjoy trips into the nature.

Az Franco. Trans genderqueer artist.

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