NON-BINARY IS A REJECTION OF GENDER RULES. it is to exist outside of the binary genders – anywhere that isn’t entirely ‘male’ or ‘female’. busting some myths about non-binary identities —> non-binary doesn’t mean androgyny –you don’t have to be equally masculine and feminine to be non-binary. non binary doesn’t mean they /them pronouns. someContinue reading “NON-BINARY ISN’T A THIRD GENDER”

for Knude Society – Battling dysphoria and connecting with your body sexually

The reality of living with dysphoria* is that connecting with your body, full stop, can be a real challenge. We often struggle to find parts of our bodies that we like or can relate with and as a result we can easily become separate from them and find it difficult to interact with them. Personally,Continue reading “for Knude Society – Battling dysphoria and connecting with your body sexually”


NO MATTER THE INTENTIONS not only is outing someone unnecessary, it’s safety risk. you can never know how someone will respond to another’s gender identity or sexuality. often it isn’t well. also, sometimes people are ‘out’ in some situations or around some people but not others. in this case, it’s important to ask the personContinue reading “NEVER ‘OUT’ PEOPLE WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION”

IF WE SAY IT’S TRANSPHOBIC it’s transphobic

“you’re just being sensitive” “it’s probably NOT transphobic..” on International Day Against Transphobia, Homophobia & Biphobia I wanted to remind you of the following trans people know transphobia better than anyone else does, we live it daily. unfortunately our lived experience makes us experts at identifying transphobia when it presents itself. no need to questionContinue reading “IF WE SAY IT’S TRANSPHOBIC it’s transphobic”


kids are absolutely capable of knowing their gender identity. it’s up to us to listen to them. society has done very little for trans youth, for many years. with the common assumption that kids are “too young” to know their gender identities, as well as lack of education & support in place for them &Continue reading “TRANS KIDS ARE NOT “TOO YOUNG””


CONTENT WARNING ⚠️ Slides contain mentions of extreme physical & sexual violence towards LGBTQ+ people ⚠️ although I’m pleased at the news that the UK will be banning conversion therapy, I’m just as upset at how long this has taken us and how far we have left to go. the number of countries that conversionContinue reading “END CONVERSION THERAPY EVERYWHERE”


*transmasc TIPS FOR REDUCING DYSPHORIA (pre-hormones) because I get asked a lot. disclaimer – none of these things are necessary to be valid as a trans person. Some people will find some / all of these useful, others will not and THAT’S OK. These are just a few common techniques. Please don’t feel like youContinue reading “PRE-T TIPS FOR TRANSMASC PEOPLE”


being misgendered hurts on so many levels. by assuming someones pronouns, you are not only risking causing them distress, but also reinforcing the false idea that appearance = pronouns. It does not!! it’s a privilege not to have to worry about how someone will gender you, as a result of how they perceive your genderContinue reading “LET’S STOP ASSUMING PEOPLE’S PRONOUNS”


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