straight is not the template

let’s start acting like there are infinite ways to experience sexuality / gender being straight / cisgender is not the ‘normal’ way to live – it’s just one of many alternatives. let’s stop forcing heteronormativity & the gender binary as if it’s the only way. let’s stop expecting kids to be straight / cisgender –Continue reading “straight is not the template”

having trans friends doesn’t automatically make you a trans ally

“i’m not transphobic, i know loads of trans people” knowing us / being friends with us doesn’t automatically mean you are an ally to us allyship takes active work & time being an ally requires listening to trans people, using the correct name & pronouns, practicing gender neutral language, learning how best to support transContinue reading “having trans friends doesn’t automatically make you a trans ally”

“but what if you regret it?”

99% of people do not regret transitioning. for the small percentage who do de-transition, it is not the terrible outcome that conservative media outlets lead us to believe sometimes de-transitioning is a healthy part of a persons development. let’s stop asking “but what if you regret it” not only does it show great lack ofContinue reading ““but what if you regret it?””

appearance doesn’t equal pronouns

let’s normalise the act of asking for and giving pronouns when we meet new people you can never know how someone identifies & what pronouns they use based just on how they look – you need to ask them if you can’t ask – use they/them until you know. gendered language can be super harmfulContinue reading “appearance doesn’t equal pronouns”


science supports that gender identity develops around the ages of 3-5 years, meaning yes, a child can absolutely know they are transgender. of course this doesn’t mean every kid will realise they are transgender this young. It does mean though that the argument that kids are “too young” is scientifically incorrect – @pinkmantaray “but whatContinue reading “BELIEVE TRANS KIDS”

a dead name is called a dead name for a reason

a really simple way to show someone you respect them & their gender identity is by using their correct name. dead naming threatens trans lives. doing so invalidates a persons authentic gender identity. not forgetting how hurtful it can be.⁣never ask “what name did you use before this” (it doesn’t matter)⁣never use a dead name.Continue reading “a dead name is called a dead name for a reason”

people of all genders can get their period

let’s get inclusive some women don’t experience periods – that doesn’t, in any way, de-validate their experience of womanhood. The same goes for men who bleed – they are still valid men.⁣For people who exist outside of binary, it can be extremely frustrating to be not only ignored from the conversations about periods but alsoContinue reading “people of all genders can get their period”


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NO MATTER THE INTENTIONS not only is outing someone unnecessary, it’s safety risk. you can never know how someone will respond to another’s gender identity or sexuality. often it isn’t well. also, sometimes people are ‘out’ in some situations or around some people but not others. in this case, it’s important to ask the personContinue reading “NEVER ‘OUT’ PEOPLE WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION”

IF WE SAY IT’S TRANSPHOBIC it’s transphobic

“you’re just being sensitive” “it’s probably NOT transphobic..” on International Day Against Transphobia, Homophobia & Biphobia I wanted to remind you of the following trans people know transphobia better than anyone else does, we live it daily. unfortunately our lived experience makes us experts at identifying transphobia when it presents itself. no need to questionContinue reading “IF WE SAY IT’S TRANSPHOBIC it’s transphobic”