Trans kids deserve access to healthcare

CW: mentions of mental issues & dysphoria Society has done very little for trans youth, for many years.⁣With the common view that children are “too young” to know their gender identity, as well as the lack of education & support in place for them and their peers, trans kids are and have been for years,Continue reading “Trans kids deserve access to healthcare”

Stop asking trans people invasive questions

we are tired & we need more no matter your intentions, it harms trans people to be regularly asked invasive questions not only are questions like inappropriate but they’re also unnecessary – you don’t need to know the answers, in order to respect us. “when are you having the surgery?”“what parts do you have downContinue reading “Stop asking trans people invasive questions”

NEVER use someones dead-name

you don’t need to know who someone was, in order to respect who they are. dead naming threatens & invalidates a persons authentic gender identity, not forgetting how hurtful it can be.⁣it doesn’t matter what name a person “used to use”. if they don’t use it now, neither do you. not when talking about someoneContinue reading “NEVER use someones dead-name”

straight is not the template

let’s start acting like there are infinite ways to experience sexuality / gender being straight / cisgender is not the ‘normal’ way to live – it’s just one of many alternatives. let’s stop forcing heteronormativity & the gender binary as if it’s the only way. let’s stop expecting kids to be straight / cisgender –Continue reading “straight is not the template”

having trans friends doesn’t automatically make you a trans ally

“i’m not transphobic, i know loads of trans people” knowing us / being friends with us doesn’t automatically mean you are an ally to us allyship takes active work & time being an ally requires listening to trans people, using the correct name & pronouns, practicing gender neutral language, learning how best to support transContinue reading “having trans friends doesn’t automatically make you a trans ally”


science supports that gender identity develops around the ages of 3-5 years, meaning yes, a child can absolutely know they are transgender. of course this doesn’t mean every kid will realise they are transgender this young. It does mean though that the argument that kids are “too young” is scientifically incorrect – @pinkmantaray “but whatContinue reading “BELIEVE TRANS KIDS”


many people cannot afford the surgeries or hormones they need. many wait years for access. and many choose not to medically transition. this does not in any way de-validate their experiences. you do not need to DO anything to be trans and valid in this world. simply feeling / relating to / identifying with transness,Continue reading “YOU DON’T NEED SURGERIES TO BE TRANS & VALID”