In aid of Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2021

Know Yourself – Coppafeel!

I feel so honoured to be a part of the Know Yourself campaign for CoppaFeelPeople! in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness month this year.

Breast cancer can affect any body, at any age and of any gender but a quarter of young people aren’t aware they could be at risk.

CoppaFeel! are encouraging us to get to know ourselves and our bodies, to discover our chests and get to know what’s normal for us.

They’ve done a beautiful job at being gender inclusive & have provided tips for those with dysphoria, making the whole experience of checking your chest accessible & comfortable.

Thank you, CoppaFeel! for including me and my voice in your campaign.

This representation is invaluable.

Watch the full film here

📷 : Kristina Varaksina + studio assistant – @claudiapadrosa make-up: @laura.one & a big thanks to Fujifilm UK for hosting us the Fujifilm House of Photography.

Both& Apparel

Trans GNC+ inclusive clothing brand

Both& – clothing tailored for and by the community

clothing is so often tailored towards the cisgender community, with little thought for trans people and our needs.

finding clothes that fit my body as a transmasc person has always been a huge challenge.

personally, my shoulders aren’t as broad as a *typical* cis mans shoulders. my hips are wider & my torso is shorter.

as a result, it’s not uncommon that clothing won’t fit me properly or will make me feel dysphoric because it clings to the wrong places.

every time I try on a BothAndApparel piece I feel instantly at home in myself.

when BothAndApparel were starting out they interviewed me to talk about my experiences with clothing & accessibility.

they asked what I would want from clothing (specifically t-shirts) to feel good in myself.

they’ve delivered absolutely everything I said :

a shorter length to accommodate for trans/gnc/enby bodies
a box shape to accentuate shoulders
a heavy weight material to hide binder lines & hold it’s shape

it’s pretty special to be listened to and accommodated for.

thanks for capturing me in my natural habitat @mischadestroumillo for BothAndApparel

thank you for the magic of euphoria! keep changing lives



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