dysphoria or dysmorphia? or both?

since having top surgery my body dysmorphia has become clearer i was always dysphoric about my chest & hips, and dysmorphic about my stomach. top surgery only tackled the first one. the difficulty with dysphoria & dysmorphia is that there are so many overlaps & similarities that it’s super hard to differentiate. making it sometimesContinue reading “dysphoria or dysmorphia? or both?”


SIZE ≠ WORTH ! NORMALISE NORMAL BODIES !⁣as someone who still suffers with disordered eating, I know all too well the hardships that can come along with accepting your body for how it is.⁣but it’s really important that we break down the ideas that have been fed to us & start again.⁣stomach’s are not supposedContinue reading “STOMACH ROLLS ARE NATURAL, NORMAL & HEALTHY”


Let’s normalise self-pleasure, whatever you’re gender! I’m super excited to be working with The Knude Society in an attempt to increase representation of self pleasure within the LGBTQ+ community. ( use discount code AZKNUDE15 for 15% your order with them – click here ) #nationalsextoyday Personally I have used vibrators for many years, as wellContinue reading “PLEASURE DOESN’T HAVE GENDER”