Collaboration with Chambord Liqueur X PFLAG National

PFLAG National is one of the leading worldwide LGBTQ+ organisations saving lives. Without our support, none of whom would exist.

This month I have partnered with Chambord Liqueur and was overjoyed to learn that they are dedicated to donating and partnering with PFLAG National all year round – the exact kind of organisational support we want to see, rather than tokenistic gestures of solidarity towards the LGBTQ+ community.

Encouraging companies to support these organisations all year round is essential for their success.

PFLAG National‘s mission, to help create a world where diversity is celebrated and where all people are respected, valued and protected, is so important to support.

Consider donating any spare pennies to PFLAG National or visit for more info!

#AD #21 #sponsored #chamborliqueur #loveismagnifique #21+

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