NEVER use someones dead-name

you don’t need to know who someone was, in order to respect who they are. dead naming threatens & invalidates a persons authentic gender identity, not forgetting how hurtful it can be.⁣it doesn’t matter what name a person “used to use”. if they don’t use it now, neither do you. not when talking about someoneContinue reading “NEVER use someones dead-name”


many people cannot afford the surgeries or hormones they need. many wait years for access. and many choose not to medically transition. this does not in any way de-validate their experiences. you do not need to DO anything to be trans and valid in this world. simply feeling / relating to / identifying with transness,Continue reading “YOU DON’T NEED SURGERIES TO BE TRANS & VALID”

people of all genders can get their period

let’s get inclusive some women don’t experience periods – that doesn’t, in any way, de-validate their experience of womanhood. The same goes for men who bleed – they are still valid men.⁣For people who exist outside of binary, it can be extremely frustrating to be not only ignored from the conversations about periods but alsoContinue reading “people of all genders can get their period”


the transohobes love to argue that we make decisions about our bodies because ´we can’t accept / we dislike what we were given’. In reality, we just want to connect & belong. being trans is not about hating who we were, but about loving who we are. trans people don’t ‘hate ourselves’


*transmasc TIPS FOR REDUCING DYSPHORIA (pre-hormones) because I get asked a lot. disclaimer – none of these things are necessary to be valid as a trans person. Some people will find some / all of these useful, others will not and THAT’S OK. These are just a few common techniques. Please don’t feel like youContinue reading “PRE-T TIPS FOR TRANSMASC PEOPLE”