Dysphoria or dysmorphia? Or both?

since having top surgery my body dysmorphia has become clearer

i was always dysphoric about my chest & hips, and dysmorphic about my stomach.

top surgery only tackled the first one.

the difficulty with dysphoria & dysmorphia is that there are so many overlaps & similarities that it’s super hard to differentiate. making it sometimes harder to work through.

do i dislike the fat on my body because i was taught that ‘fat is bad’ or am i dysphoric about it.

i’m sure a lot of people can relate with this.

for me, i’ve been learning that my gender identity is one thing, but having issues relating with body image is a completely separate thing, not relating to my gender but to societal expectations & rules.

unlearning these toxic messages will be the most important thing for me to overcome the dysmorphia i feel.

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