Stop asking trans people invasive questions

we are tired & we need more

no matter your intentions, it harms trans people to be regularly asked invasive questions

not only are questions like inappropriate but they’re also unnecessary – you don’t need to know the answers, in order to respect us.

“when are you having the surgery?”
“what parts do you have down there?”
“what were you born as?”
“what name did you used to use?”
“you don’t LOOK trans?”
“so you USED to be a girl?”
“you’ll never be a real man though?”
“what does your body look like?”
“what’s your dead-name?”
“i just don’t get trans people..?”

and that’s just a start.

let’s stop asking trans people invasive questions

think before you ask: could my question cause harm? do i really need to know the answer? can i google it instead?

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