science supports that gender identity develops around the ages of 3-5 years, meaning yes, a child can absolutely know they are transgender.

of course this doesn’t mean every kid will realise they are transgender this young. It does mean though that the argument that kids are “too young” is scientifically incorrect – @pinkmantaray

“but what if they change their mind”.

in reality, the vast majority of those who DO begin hormone treatments, do not change their minds (99% of people do not regret transitioning).

For the small percentage who do, this isn’t the horrible outcome that the conservative media outlets lead us to believe.

sometimes ‘de-transitioning’ is a healthy part of a person’s psychological development.

affirming a child in whatever way they express their gender is crucial for their mental health

we must start believing trans kids.

listen to them & protect them

love them

trans kids need more

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